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Jim Mcfarland"When you want to exceed even your own expectations of quality and craftsmanship, equipment failure is not an option."

"Since purchasing a new Supreme finisher, from Shoe Systems Plus, Inc., I have more time to focus on my customers because my work is getting done much faster. One of the best things about my Supreme finisher is not breathing the dust and smoke because of the great vacuum system I now have. It is a joy to work with such a fine machine."

"Shoe Systems Plus, Inc., helped me purchase the right equipment for my needs, providing parts and accessories for my other equipment, and is an excellent source for technical support. I've been extremely satisfied with my purchase and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner."
Jim McFarland, C.Ped. - 2002 SSIA Silver Cup Champion

Featured Products
Claes Model 20 Small Bobbin Shoe Patcher
Claes Model 20 Small Bobbin Shoe Patcher
Your Price: $5,750.00
On sale: $4,950.00 On Sale
Claes Model 30 Large Bobbin Shoe Patcher
Claes Model 30 Large Bobbin Shoe Patcher
Your Price: $5,950.00
On sale: $5,150.00 On Sale
Supreme 120 Finisher
Supreme 120 Finisher
Your Price: $21,500.00
On sale: $19,500.00 On Sale
Supreme SR-452 Complete Finisher
Supreme SR-452 Complete Finisher
Your Price: $13,900.00
On sale: $10,500.00 On Sale
Supreme 80 Finisher
Supreme 80 Finisher
Your Price: $11,500.00
On sale: $9,900.00 On Sale
Supreme 110 Finisher
Supreme 110 Finisher
Your Price: $13,500.00
On sale: $11,900.00 On Sale