Falan F525N Lockstitch Mckay
Falan F525N Lockstitch Mckay

Falan F525N Lockstitch Mckay

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Falan Lockstitch Mckay
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The new 2-thread stitching machine mod. F525N is suitable for stitching any type of soles whatever kind of material they are composed of.
The new type of interchangeable horns, whose replacement has been made easier and quicker by means of a special patented whirl-drive system,
provides flexibility and simple handling of the machine. Extra long standard horn can McKay stitch of any type of footwear, including tall boots up to 21"
height. The F252N with the optional Opanka horn can also perform the Opanka stitching (side wall) of all footwear.

Other important features:
•Constant adjustment of the work speed, to meet the various level of work difficulties.
•New patented feeder ensuring a constant length of stitch, even when stitching around the toe
or stitching of variable thickness soles.
•Needle-holder bar electronically
regulated, with stop in right position.
•Automatic presser foot positioning, at the beginning and at the end of the stitching.
•Bobbin winding device.

Width 23"
Depth 27"
Height 67"
Net weight 530 lbs
Average daily production (pairs/8 hours) 300/350
Speed (stitches/minute) 130/320
Stitch lenght 1/8" to 5/8"
Maximum stitching thickness 1 1/8"
Thread - Supreme Power Thread recommended
Motor power 1 HP
Height Blake horn 21"
Bobbin winding device Yes
Possibility to choose horn Blake or Opanka Yes
Electronic motor Yes
Automatic pneumatic presser foot lift control Yes
Sound Level <80

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