Fume Busters - 19
Fume Busters - 19" with charcoal filtration

Fume Busters - 19" with charcoal filtration

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Fume Busters - 19" with charcoal filtration
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The Fume Buster may be the single most important machine in your work area. An investment in good health.

You may be endangering the health of your employees, customers and yourself if you work with any of these chemicals:
• Dipotassium Sulphite
• Dipotassium Phosphate
• Hydroquinone
• Potassium Hydroxide
• Hexane
• Methyl Ethyl Keytone
• Diacetone Alcohol
• Carbon Black
• Acetic Acid
• Propane
• Butane
• Heptane
• Acetone
Plus many more too numerous to mention!

The Fume Buster is designed to relieve much of the toxic chemicals from your work area. The contaminated air is drawn through a sophisticated filter system and the clean air is returned back into the room.

• Powerful 1/4 HP
 2 speed motor
 115 volts
• Comes equipped with a CSA Aproved spark / explosion proof blower unit
• On casters for easy mobility

Width: 19"
Height: 41"
Depth: 17.5”
1200 CFM on high speed
800 CFM on low speed

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